Wash Like A Champion Today

Mizzou Longform

The Mizzou Athletics Equipment staff manages equipment for all Mizzou sports. Led by Mike Kurowski, the department is responsible for preparing, cleaning and maintaining the gameday attire for all 20 Mizzou varsity sport programs. Caring for the equipment needs of the football program takes up much of their time; the staff works throughout the week to prepare uniforms and equipment for each Saturday’s contest.

After uniforms are collected in the locker room after the game, they are transported to the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex to be washed.

Game jerseys are snapped and hung to dry.

Mike Kurowski removes a nameplate from a jersey in preparation for Missouri’s game against Purdue. As the Director of Athletic Equipment Operations, he is responsible for overseeing all of the Tigers' uniforms.

I always look at the opponent and see what I can do to get the players energized on gameday. Something new. Something a little different. Even if it is something like a different hand towel, I different sleeve or some new gloves. I always try to find a little something to spice up something for them to get excited for gameday.

Mike Kurowski

Double-sided tape is applied to the shoulder pads of certain position groups. The tape holds the jersey to the pads and makes it more difficult for opponents to grab Missouri's players.

Helmet decals and parts are attached by the equipment staff.

Equipment is unloaded into the locker room on Fridays before games. Uniforms, helmets, pads and other equipment are placed in each individual player’s locker.